Tine Cultivator TILLER

Models available: CML - CML/R - CM - CM/R - CMP - CMP/R

Light Series CML - reinforced CML/R.
Media Series CM - reinforced CM/R.
Heavy Series CMP - reinforced CMP/R.

Levelling Blade

Models available: LLM - LLP

The right-left angling of the LEVELLING BLADE is easily adjustable. The LEVELLING BLADE results very heavy, such to guarantee a LONG TIME, RESiSTANCE and EFFECTIVENESS.

Peg-Tine Harrow

Models available: EPL - EPM - EPP - EPP/R

Light Series EPL.
Media Series EPM.
Heavy Series EPP.
Heavy Series with reinforced structure EPP/R.

Disc Ploughs: They do not reach particulary deep working depth (max 30 cm). They represent a type of processing similar to the plowing of the soil. The action taken on the ground causes a significant crumbling and mixing of the processed surface. They are suitable for the machining of soils that have classic obstacles to the advancement of the plow for the presence of large roots or rock outcropping.

Disc Harrow: it is a very versatile tool, suitable for hilly and uneven terrain. It is particularly suitable for working the soil between rows of vineyards and orchards, leaving the soil levelled.

Disc Harrow    Disc Ploughs